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Faculty of Health Studies

The Faculty of Health Studies (FHS) was established on 1st August 2016 by transformation from the Institute of Health Studies, which was founded at the Technical University of Liberec on 1st December 2004. It originated from the interest of the Technical University of Liberec to accredit a full-time three-year Bachelor's study programme General Nursing.

The Faculty of Health Studies provides tuition in four bachelor study programmes (General Nursing, Biomedical Technology, Paramedic and Radiological Assistance) and in one follow-up master study programme (Biomedical Engineering).
It is governed by the Study and Examination Regulations of the Technical University of Liberec.

The study is designed for all applicants who have successfully finished secondary education, completed by a school-leaving exam, and subsequently passed the admission procedure.

 The Faculty does not offer any study programmes in English. In order to study programmes in Czech language at least B2 level of Czech language is required.


Faculty leaflet and presentation
  1. Faculty presentation ˆ 28.7.2023
  2. Faculty Leaflet ˆ 8.1.2024


We offer for Erasmus+ students:

  • individual study plans and English speaking lecturers,
  • practical trainings and internships at the local hospital with English speaking mentors.
  • More information can be found here.




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